Thursday, December 3, 2009

best person ever

would have to be billy broome! he got me seasons 1-4 of the office as a gift for our 1yr anniversary/christmas present. we're really bad at keeping gifts til the actual time we're supposed to give it to each other so we gave each other one gift for now hehe. i was so excited :D he's sooo awesome. i looovveee the office!!! yeeeeeee!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

thanksgiving day weekend

i had been so excited for thanksgiving for likes weeks, and when it finally came...i was not disappointed. got home, the christmas tree was already up :( but it's ok bc it looked really good. woke up a little late, mama already put the turkey in, and it took 6 hrs to cook. none of us really ate the whole day until dinner, and i think that we were all getting cracky due to the lack of food in our systems haha. but it's ok bc we had sooo much food, that we all couldn't even go for seconds bc we overfilled our plates on the first go. we started watching the proposal after mostly everyone was done in the kitchen, and i thought i wasn't gonna eat any dessert, but after awhile, i started craving for something sweet so i went for some dessert...yum chocolate cheesecake.

black friday, didn't go shopping until like 11 bc i didn't wanna wake up early hehe. bought A LOT of gifts for christmas. hopefully everyone likes their gifts :D afterwards, i went back home, and then had cravings for turkey but realized that i didn't even pack any leftovers for sad :( got to go to the club with my girls and had a blast, but was even happier when billy made it once he got off work. we didn't stay long soon after thought bc billy was irritated with one of our friends so we left and went to meet up with his friends. got to go to meemos to get some mexican food before going to meet up with his friends, and when we finally got there, most of them were already ready to pass out haha. so after we ate, we hung out then headed for billy's place. didn't have a completely good night's sleep but i did have a good night ;)

next day, mostly lazed around. watched apple cup...woo go huskies! 30-0 yahh!! too bad i didn't get to go see it for reals tho..oh wells, there's always next year. when billy got back from work, he wanted to go meet up with his friends again but then i realized i couldn't find my wristlet that had my id, keys and debit card. we retraced our steps and everything but couldn't find it anywhere :'( it's ok tho bc i put a block on my card, and i'm gonna go get a new id, and i needa pay for some new keys sigh..i loved that wristlet too (it was my bday gift to myself a couple years ago)...oh wells.

today, i got to watch the seahawks win..for the most part lol. i slept most of the day again. now i'm watching the hills and gonna go eat some queso ice cream..yuuuummm!!! okies...well, this is it for now...hopefully it doesn't take a month for a new post..sayonara!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

julie and julia

just finished watching this movie, after months of waiting around for it to show up online. i absolutely adored it. it made me really want to learn how to cook and to cook in general. if i had the funds, i would probably want to do just that. i think that i'm going to make more of an effort to try and cook real meals from now on...try is the key word here hehe. maybe if i can learn how to cook vegetables in a way that i could actually enjoy it, then i'd have a healthier diet over all. well here's to cooking and all those who love it :D

Thursday, October 1, 2009

i don't know..

i feel like i been writing a whole bunch of sad things on here, but i don't know what else to write. it's my way of getting it out, i guess. it's not that i'm overly depressed about anything. i just haven't felt excitement lately. probably bc i always have something stuck in my head that i expect to happen, but something always trips it up and i just end up feeling disappointed. i just haven't been good with adapting to changes of plans lately; i usually can handle little changes, but even that has been problematic for me. i think once one thing goes wrong, then every little thing after just starts making it worse and worse. also i feel like i don't get as much attention from billy as i want. now that school's started, i kno we wont be seeing each other as much, and i'm scared that we'll start drifting apart. i kno this is irrational of me to say, but i can't help how it, especially with everything going on in my life. it doesn't help that when i'm at his place he's always distracted with something else, whether it be sports, his roommate, games, him always texting people. i kno that it's too much to ask for ALL his attention everytime i'm there, but it'd be nice if he did pay me more attention.

ugh...i hate being like this.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

ill at ease

these past couple of days i haven't been feeling very well. well, i know that i wasn't feeling well the other day bc i was hungover from my birthday run, but today i just dont feel the same as normal. i think that maybe i'm kinda dehydrated, and maybe that's why i been feeling crappy. i've been drinking lots of water today, but i feel like it's juss going through me, and i still feel kinda crappy. i don't know what to do. maybe i'll be better tomorrow if i juss keep drinking lots of fluids. i juss hope that i'm not like this anymore by the time school starts bc that would just be horrible. i can't stand feeling like this all the time.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

finally 21!

so i'm finally 21 and i got to spend my birthday with baberz at the pearl jam concert :D it was super good, def not what i was expecting..not that i had much to go off since i never listened to their music like i said i was going to hehe. but yah, i thought it was super good, and now i can cross off, going to a huge concert, in my bucket list. i did not drink at all on my actual birthday which i thought was kind of odd at first bc i used to be a huge partier and i thought that i would've gotten super wasted on my birthday, but i didn't, and it didn't seem like that big of a deal that i didn't which makes me feel good about myself :)

i'm gonna be having a 21 run though, i'm kinda scared. i haven't been drinking heavily at all for months so i know it's not gonna take much to get me plastered. hopefully i don't get too messed up too fast, bc i do want everyone to have a good time as well.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9 months

it's been 9 months since we've been official. time sure has gone by quick. we've had some ups and downs, but we've worked through most all of them. lately i've been a bit insecure about where i stand with him, and maybe i still am a little, even though i know i shouldn't be. i just feel like he forgets i'm around him sometimes and then i feel left out. it's partly my fault tho bc i don't say anything until last minute, but still, i don't know. i get over it bc he always makes it up to me, and i'm happy for that, but sometimes i wish he didn't do things like that so that he didn't have to make it up to me, but no relationship is that perfect, so i'm not gonna complain. i'm glad that our relationship is as good as it is bc i know some people who have it harder. and that is why, i'm glad we could spend so much time together, and that we had a great day yesterday celebrating our 9 months. i know we'll have more wonderful days ahead of us, and i can't wait for it all. as for the not so great days, those'll juss be overshadowed by the wonderful ones..i can feel it :)

happy 9 months baberz :D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


it's been up and down these past couple weeks. i been sick for the past week. i've also been very insecure about myself when it comes to billy. we had a talk the other day about him and us and i think that just made me a little more insecure, but i'm getting better about it. i just really want to help him out as much as i can, but i'm scared that i might fail at it. i hope he can open up to me more so that i know what to do to help him. as for my life in general, i think that i need to open up to him as well, and not be afraid to bring anything up to him. also, i needa get out of this sickness business bc it's really killing me being this way all the time. school's gonna be starting up soon, i'm kinda nervous, but i'm sure i'll get through it juss fine....juss gotta keep my eye on the prize. hopefully this up coming year will be filled with as many great memories as this year and much more.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


for the rest of summer. it's alright so far. haven't really done much because there really isn't much to do. i been sleeping a lot though, mostly bc i'm so tired from having to wake up early for work now. i don't mind being at home, since i get to spend time with the fam bam, but i miss billy lots....sigh....lots and lots..

Sunday, August 16, 2009


i worked my first open to close day. soooo tired. i had to stand for the majority of the 8 1/2 hours that i was there. made a couple mistakes, but noting too horrible. billy got to come and have lunch with me on my break. saw matt and kassey there haha..that was funny bc i thought billy was with matt, but they came to the hospital separately lol. i had fun to hang with nikki a couple times and also made myself 2 blackberry italian sodas hehe.

all-in-all i think this is a great way to start out as far as jobs go. having weekend shifts helps me get used to doing everything without being thrown into a busy day right away. i'm kind of nervous about working with one of the supervisor's during th weekday soon, but hopefully i ge through it unscathed hehe. well, it's time for a nice nap before i continue reading.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

getting in shape...

i think i'm gonna finally get started on that. i've been meaning to do it all summer but never gotten to it. i need to do it, so i will...starting today! ok...i will do this and i will keep at it. hopefully....pilates here i come!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

work work work

work has been pretty chill so far. basically been training the past couple of days. i know how to work the register now, and i'm slowly but surely getting used to making drinks. i really wish i could just practice without worrying bout making the drink wrong. hmm..if only i had my own little espresso machine so i can practice making the milk right. i think that's the only thing i worry about the most. other than that, i'm pretty sure i know how to make everything. i'm also getting pretty good at doing the codes on the cups hehe.

i'm juss so excited that i have a job now!! yee!! i juss wanna keep making drinks til i get the hang of it :D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

got meeself a job

so i got my first job yesterday. i'm gonna be working as a barista :D i think the excitement of it all drained out all my energy for today...soooo tired. but lookin on the bright side..i start tomorrow! wish me luck :D

Monday, August 3, 2009

5 pager

omg i can't believe it only took me an hour and a half to write my essay. amazing! i think it was because of class today. it really got me thinking bout all kinds of ideas to write my essay on, and i think i did a pretty good job at it. at first i wasn't sure what my thesis was going to be but i started writing down stuff on a piece of paper and got a page front and back of stuff written down. then i finally figured it out and started typing it up. it just flowed and it felt so good :D i haven't written this long of an essay except for once and i feel really good that i could write this one without too much distractions yeeee. as you can see, my typing for this blog has been full of run on sentences and that's because i'm now too lazy to care about grammar haha. kk thanks for reading this :D i'm juss so glad i got it done :D can't stop with the smileys hehe :D

Thursday, July 30, 2009

all by my lonesome

stayed at billy's place today after class and lunch with the girls and billy because i said i'd rather be at his place than at my place for the whole day. dropped him off to work and took a nap and got some reading done before playing 1 vs 100. i was gonna see if his roommate wanted to play too, but he sounded like he was on the phone so i decided to juss play alone. after that, read a little more while watching some CSI. then i went upstairs to check fb and emails waiting for billy to call so i can pick him up after work. at first i was happy bc i wouldn't have to be alone anymore, but then he remembered that there was something going on for his friend who's gonna be leaving the state soon. of course, they were all going to a bar so i can't go with them. i didn't want to be selfish and tell billy to stay with me since i know that his friend's only gonna be here for a little longer until he'll be stationed on the east coast for a long time, so i told him to go. now that they're gone, i'm sad and lonely.

Monday, July 6, 2009

first midterm

had my first midterm of the summer today. studied a little last night and a little this morning before heading to class. for some reason i woke up super early this morning and had a hard time falling back asleep. i think, bc of that, my head was hurting a little right before the test. i tried not to think about it during the test, but i'm sure that it affected how i answered some of the questions. i left the room very unsure of how well i did.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6 months

yup, me and billy have been together for 6 months as of two days ago. we didn't really celebrate it since he had to work that day, but i guess him helping me move my stuff from kim's place to my new place and him spending the night there with me was good enough since that was the only time we really spent together that day. still can't believe it's been that long though, i guess time really does fly when you're having fun.'s a list of some of my favorite things that have made these past six months incredible:

~our first kiss...haha twas awkward bc i was shy and unsure of "us" at the moment
~our first first time eating at an Indian restaurant AND i let you use my camera for that night when you went to Derek's bday thing; i never let anyone use my camera if i'm not around haha
~"is it weird if i told you i kinda like it when you spoon me?"-billy...that made me laugh inside, but i kinda do like spooning you :P
~billy the pup-he's your sub when you're not around for me to hold onto at night :]
~trips to the zoo-my family says that we're ALWAYS there, and i tell them that we're not, but really, we pretty much are. i love the zoo! except for the bug exhibit...shivers...
~game works-haha the stubborn stuffed animal worm, the jungle game, basketball, the ticket game that i got jyped the jackpot of tickets, photobooth that we had to wait forever for...good times haha
~cuddles...i like when we cuddle before bed
~sexy time...nuff said
~and i love all the little things you do that you probably don't even realize make me happy....little kisses at random times, big hugs and you holding me tight, coming to bed before i fall asleep, "miss you" texts w/o me saying it first, and a lot more that i can't think of right now haha

you're basically everything i had hoped for and more, and i hope i'm the same for you

HAPPY 6 MONTHS :D....again haha.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

ending this school year

it's near the end and a lot has happened. started out kind of shaky with classes, but i started really buckling down after awhile. thanks in part to a certain someone who became a big part of my life halfway through the year. without his help, i would probably still be lost. i've finally started to find myself again since my world went topsy turvey a couple of years ago. i let myself get distracted with socializing and not enough schooling that i didn't even know what i wanted to do with my life, but now i'm starting to get back on track. i've got a lot of catching up to do now though, but it's ok bc i'm already on my way, and that's what i needed to do the most. i've found a good balance of school and socializing, and i hope that this continues on in the years to come. there have been lots of good times, and a couple of bad. there will be lots more of both to come, and i'm excited for the happy, not so much for the bad, but whichever one comes, i'll take it bc you can't have one without the other.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


today has not been a good day. i had hw due today for drama that i was supposed to do with a group. my group was pretty lame save for one guy. only one person in my group of four people emailed me back discussing the hw and we couldn't meet up so i ended up having to do most all of the assignment. i was so stressed about it bc i only had an hour to do it before class started. i seriously wanted to cry. but i got it done and turned it in and didn't really have to talk about it so it's all good. although i did bs one part of the hw bc i was hoping one of the other guys would have done it but they didn't. also, i was bringing my laptop over to my bed and dropped it. now, my A key is kinda weird when i press it and i have a tiny scratch on my screen. ugh, hopefully that's all that i have to do worry about for today.

Monday, May 11, 2009

missing you

have you ever missed someone even when you're in the same room? that's how i feel sometimes, even though we're in the same room, one of us or both are busy with other things like hw or what not. i wish we could just have a day to ourselves, no distractions, no friends to have to entertain, just us doing something together for the day, but i know that with everything going on right now, then it probably won't be happening anytime soon. i look forward to that day though, whenever it may be :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

woo mariners!

i went to my first mariners yesterday. 'twas exciting! sad nobody wanted to go with us, but that's ok bc me and billy still had fun. we went early so that we could be there for batting practice. billy got a ball that one of the guys on the field threw to the stands. the ball was headed for this one guy but billy caught it instead. the guy woulda dropped his phone if he had caught it anyway bc he wasn't really paying attention until the very last moment. billy got garlic fries and chicken tenders....yuuuummmm! and we also had fresh squeezed lemonade and some blue cotton candy that made our mouths turn blue :P

MARINERS WON!!!! of course, it was bc they knew i was there :P jk jk. but yah i was happy that i got to go to a game and see them win.

afterwards we tried to get the ball signed, but the guys never came out. then we went to the team store and billy bought me a shirt that said mariners on it :) and he bought himself a couple of nike shirts so that he could get 4 free posters heh. then, while we were walking to try and catch the bus, we see kuya hair and kuya tee-hay helping their friend bring stuff up to her apartment. billy asked if they could give us a ride back to billy's place and kuya hair said yes. what a great way to end and amazing night :D

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy 75th Birthday Grandma

so tomorrow is Lola's birthday. i'm excited bc there's gonna be lots of food and lots of people coming. my dad bought goat and they made dinuguan. he also bought 6 dozen oysters hehe..very excited for that. i have to wake up early tomorrow so that i can help my mom make some of the food, not as fun, but it's ok.

i know grandma will have a wonderful birthday. love you grandma :D

Thursday, April 16, 2009

find a happy place

find a happy place, find a happy place, find a happy place...

hmm..i have a couple, but one of them would definitely have to be anywhere billy's at, corny i know, but it's the truth. he makes me giddy, even though we see each other every day, i still get that giddy feeling when i know i'm going to be seeing him soon. of course, sometimes i get irritated, but it's never bc of anything big...juss little annoyances that might come up, but nothing a hug or kiss can't fix. he just simply makes me happy.

my other happy place would have to be my home. i'm always up in seattle, so anytime i decide to go, i'm always happy. i enjoy being at home for the most part. i get to let loose and just chill with the family and have some bonding time with my sibs, whether it be one-on-one or all of us together. if i'm too stressed with school or anything else, then i know that i can always go home and i'll be good as new.

i love my oh so happy, happy places :D

Sunday, April 12, 2009

can i have this dance

Take my hand, take a breath
Pull me close and take one step
Keep your eyes locked on mine,
And let the music be your guide.

Won't you promise me (now won't you promise me, that you'll never forget)
We'll keep dancing (to keep dancing) wherever we go next

It's like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you
It's one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do
And with every step together, we just keep on getting better
So can I have this dance (can I have this dance)
Can I have this dance

Take my hand, I'll take the lead
And every turn will be safe with me
Don't be afraid, afraid to fall
You know I'll catch you threw it all

And you can't keep us apart (even a thousand miles, can't keep us apart)
'Cause my heart is (cause my heart is) wherever you are

It's like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you
It's one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do
And with every step together, we just keep on getting better
So can I have this dance (can I have this dance)
Can I have this dance

Oh no mountains too high oh no, oceans too wide
'Cause together or not, our dance won't stop
Let it rain, let it pour
What we have is worth fighting for
You know I believe, that we were meant to be

It's like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you (like you)
It's one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do (way we do)
And with every step together, we just keep on getting better
So can I have this dance (can I have this dance)
Can I have this dance

Can I have this dance
Can I have this dance

Monday, April 6, 2009

the sun

it made it's appearance....finally. i know it's not going to last very long, but i've been enjoying it as much as i can while it lasts. the past couple days have been awesome. spending time with billy and others on greenlake was fun. i especially liked kayaking bc i never done anything on the water aside from swimming, so that was a cool experience. basically, i've loved every second of every minute of the past couple days bc the sun came out to pay a visit to good ol' seattle. can't wait til this kind of weather can last for longer than just a couple days :D

Thursday, April 2, 2009


~"Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile..."

~"If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you made me smile, I would have the whole night sky in the palm of my hand."

~"For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it."
--Ivan Panin

~"The most eloquent silence; that of two mouths meeting in a kiss."

~I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Marilyn Monroe

~We were given: Two hands to hold. To legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find.

~Absence makes the heart grow fonder

william shakespeare

~Happiness is the light on the water. The water is cold and dark and deep.

William Maxwell


Thursday, March 26, 2009

all day adventure

with the girls and patrick

first we went to sushiland in tukwila. the food was alright, but i prefer the food at the queen anne location. and it was super cold at the one in tukwila. it also seemed kinda dead there bc there weren't that many people there. i still ate 8 plates tho.

after, we went to south center. went to forever 21 and saw jame. we got 50 cen cotton candy and some people got sick :( hung out there for awhile then decided to go to greenlake after dropping jesselle off.

went to greenlake and met up with billy, matt, kassey, and beamer. matt and kassey left with beamer and me and billy played some basketball while carol and them went to the dock to take pics. went to billy's place to eat noodles and then headed out.

today was pretty fun :D

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i don't have any. even my mom pointed that out to me earlier today. we were looking for bras and i couldn't really find any in my size and my mom asks me and decides that it was too small and to try a size up to see if it fits. i was in the dressing room and it juss didn't fit right, it made me kinda sad. shoot even my sister's boobs are three times the size of mine. i told her it was probably from the bc she's taking and also from puberty haha. but yeah, seriously, i better get some bigger boobs in the future when i give birth.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

home sweet home

i like being home, but i miss being in seattle at the same time.

this weekend i've been driving around with my civic that i haven't driven in years. it makes me happy, except for the steering wheel being slightly off kilter. saturday we went to my uncle's birthday party. me, pat and carol left early to go to walgreens and walmart to buy some things. we were bout to head back to the party, but as we were driving there we saw my parents already heading back home. i was talking to my mom bout how we saw them and she said she didn't kno it was us until we both turned into stanley pl. she said that my dad told her to slow down bc he thought we were the police haha. allen was doing his cell project and my dad was trying to help out while he was intoxicated...he wasn't much help. today we went to church, then went to sam's club. i called billy to wake him up. i was gonna tell him that i was gonna go up to seattle today, but he's going to tullalip with matt so i'll juss go some other time. allen juss informed me that pokemon platinum juss got out and that he wants to buy it so we're gonna go head to the mall so we can buy it. after that i get to do laundry..woo..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


me and billy got a fish tank earlier this week. we put silk plants and gravel in already, but billy's gonna add more things in the tank. we got 3 glofish (viper, coral and rufus) and we're gonna get 3 more. we're also gonna get some black skirt tetras and a couple bottom dwellers. i love love love the fishies and can't wait til the tank is complete. yee!

we got three black skirt tetras. their names are yacko, wacko and dot.

watching the fishies is entertaining. rufus likes to seperate from the others. coral and viper like to chase each other. they didn't like to go through the middle of the plants before, but they do it a lot now. they rarely seperate from each other but they do it once in awhile. i like watching them..tis entertaining :D

Saturday, March 7, 2009

crazy fun

crazy fun weekend i've been having. yesterday woke up way late again, but then i got to go home with billy for a couple hours to spend time with the fambam. we played mario kart double dash, super mario brawl and allen's pokemon game. i'm so happy that my parents fixed up my car so that i can drive it around now when i go home. sadly, our van is in super bad shape so i don't think they're gonna even try to fix it. after we headed back to seattle we went to Lynwood with Matt, Kassey and Rachtha to go eat at Applebee's and then go bowling. i thought i was gonna do super bad since i hadn't played since last year, but i wasn't that bad. we didn't get to finish our fourth round, but i think i prolly would've finished second to last total points haha. i was happy that i could finish each round with at least a 60 for now.

today i went to bremerton with billy to return his car. it was slushing when we left the house. got to meet his uncle who just got here from the PI. his mom gave us some foods and billy got a haircut. when it was time to leave we had to run in order to make it to the ferry in time. getting off the ferry it was super cold and i missed billy's car bc i didn't want to walk or take the bus to get back to his place. but it's ok bc we didn't have to wait too long for the bus. the weather is super crazy today. sunny, sprinkling, sunny, slushing, snowing. man, wonder what tomorrow's got in store for me.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


starting out the day late bc me and billy missed our 8:30 classes today. didn't realize the time til it was too late. i'm usually better at getting up than this, next time i'll have to make sure to not go back to sleep after turning off my alarm.

right now i'm watching true life i'm a college freshman. it reminds me of when i was a freshman. these kids' circumstances are so different. one has a child that he had to left home with his mom, and he misses him so much. one has financial problems and no social skills so she's kind of having a hard time adjusting and getting to know her roommates. also, her bf is worried that she's not gonna be spending as much time with him once she starts making friends. and the other guy seems like one of those really outgoing guys who think they know everything. he's super cocky. i was probably most like the girl, except without the bf haha. she'll get over it tho bc she juss needs to open up.

today i'm gonna be goin to the outlet mall with billy to get some orange shoe laces for the rest of his team.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

into the sunset

fasa formal '09. super fun and super tiring at the same time. had dinner at billy's and it was delicious. we got ready and then headed to mg's place to say hi. mg's was kind of hectic. soo many people in such a small apartment. people had been drinkin so it was a little loud. there were people all over the place trying to take pics, and the guys were trying to get one with billy the whole time. me and billy left their place a little earlier than them and headed to the Seattle Design Center. the venue was huge and very pretty. the food bar was yummy, although i didn't get to eat one of the chocolate covered strawberries. there were lots of people who knew billy, like everywhere we went someone would come up to him or there would be someone he knew that he had to say hi to. i got to see some of my friends too, and some people from back home. halfway throught the night my feet started hurting bad so i juss took off my shoes and carried them around for the rest of the night. some drama went down that night with some of my friends, but i didn't get myself involved with it bc i didn't want things to get any worse. my feet got trampled over a bunch towards the end of the night and they started hurting so we left. billy took me up to the to of queen anne and it was really pretty. i love seeing seattle from up there, but the only times i've gone was last night and sometime during the winter last year. i'd like to see the view of it sometime during the spring or winter tho, when it's not so cold. afterwards we got back to his place and saw that rachtha and matt were playin sf4..rude! billy hadn't even played it yet -__-" but that's ok bc he deleted wat they did and played it after them. i juss slept and slept and slept.

today i'm just going to watch movies and probably going to clean billy's room.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

snow day

it snowed last night. and billy tried to catch a bus to get to campus..yahh that didn't work out so well. i had stepped in a puddle of melted snow so my toes started getting super cold. they were so cold that they started hurting. we decided to juss head back to billy's. right when i got back i ran to the bathroom to put my hands and feet under hot water. felt sooo good.

i gotta do some filming later. that'll be fun hehe. i'll juss have to wear double socks haha. hopefully the day gets better.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

rainy day

it's been raining for a couple days, but it's also been getting a bit warmer so that's a plus. juss another indication that spring is coming..yee. i'm not a big fan of rain/heavy mist, but it is seatte so i'll juss have to deal with it.

me and billy were late for the earlier bus this morning and the bus that came after was a little late. so i was a lil late for class and billy was a little late for his test =/ after class i went to my dorm to eat foods and billy joined me shortly after. we went back to my room and billy went to get our FASA Formal tickets...finally! i'm super excited for formal. we're not sure yet what we're doing before, but i'm still excited haha. when he came back we took a nap. billy really needed the sleep bc he didn't get much sleep lastnight. he took a longer nap than me, but that's ok, he woke up in time to study a little for his placement test which he's taking right now.

we're going to red mill burger tonight. i'm excited :D

Monday, February 23, 2009


so i've always wanted to keep a dream journal. i decided to make a seperate blog for any future dreams i have. feel free to follow it

time for a nap...hopefully i have a dream to enter in my new blog haha :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


good morning day! :D

i woke up to music playing bc we always have the radio on in my room. tis a good way to wake up. when i woke up i vaguely remembered my convo with billy lastnight. he probably stayed up late again lastnight...hopefully studying and not watching/reading sports news or playing games.

i came to a revelation lastnight. so for lent i decided to give up red meat, but i juss made a whole bunch of pork lumpias. so i have to eat all of those before ash wednesday. also, i will have to venture to red mill burger with billy to have a nice juicy burger before lent starts, but i guess i could always eat a chicken/fish burger.

it doesn't seem to be sunny today, but i hope it doesn't rain. i will be heading back up to campus today, so i don't want it to be rainy when my parents have to drop me off.

well i gotta go get ready for church. hope i get to see billy later today.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

weekend adventures..

went to the dentist today. i hate going to the dentist. i got two fillings done and have to get two more done. my upper-left side of my mouth was super numb afterwards so i couldn't eat pho with the fam, but i got some frozen yogurt instead. kept drooling while eating, but that's ok haha.

got home and ate the pho that my mom got for me, carol and my dad to go. it was dericious.

me, pat and carol decided to go to southcenter. my mom said, "oh you better hurry up and go put make up on." i told her i wasn't going to and she said why not. i left it at billy's. so i'm juss sitting here in my room waiting for carol to get ready and for patrick's friends to get here.

my mom said i was gaining weight and that i should start going out and playing tennis again and wat not. i think she's right. bleh..but i'm so laaaazzzyyyy. but if the weather stays this nice, then i'll force myself to get out more.

for you...

You’re the thought that starts each morning,
The conclusion to each day.
You are in all that I do,
And everything I say.

You’re the smile on my face,
The twinkle in my eye.
The warmth inside my heart,
The fullness in my life.

You’re the hand that’s laced in mine,
And the coat upon my back.
My friend, my love,
My shoulder to lean on.

You’re my silly, mature, caring,
Thoughtful, bright, and honest guy.
The one who holds me tightly,
When I need to cry.

You’re the dimple in my cheek,
The ever-constant tingle in my soul.
The voice that makes me weak,
The happiness of my life.

You are all I’ve wanted,
You are all I need.
You are all I’ve dreamed of,
You are all of this to me.

Friday, February 20, 2009

just another day

Can't wait for today to get going. I'm just sitting here writing this blog at billy's. Gonna be going home later in the afternoon, can't wait :D I was originally supposed to ride the train home, and patrick was supposed to come up here so we can train back home together, but plans changed. I was super excited to go get frozen yogurt with him too, but oh well, there will be other times.

Today seems to be starting out well. Hopefully it stays nice like this all weekend.

Got to catch the same bus as billy and eat lunch together before he had to run to class; he literally had to run. after i finished up i was bout to head to my place, but then i saw some fasaheads tabling so i juss chilled with them for a bit. and now i'm bouts to go to the mall with mg before heading home.