Thursday, March 26, 2009

all day adventure

with the girls and patrick

first we went to sushiland in tukwila. the food was alright, but i prefer the food at the queen anne location. and it was super cold at the one in tukwila. it also seemed kinda dead there bc there weren't that many people there. i still ate 8 plates tho.

after, we went to south center. went to forever 21 and saw jame. we got 50 cen cotton candy and some people got sick :( hung out there for awhile then decided to go to greenlake after dropping jesselle off.

went to greenlake and met up with billy, matt, kassey, and beamer. matt and kassey left with beamer and me and billy played some basketball while carol and them went to the dock to take pics. went to billy's place to eat noodles and then headed out.

today was pretty fun :D

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i don't have any. even my mom pointed that out to me earlier today. we were looking for bras and i couldn't really find any in my size and my mom asks me and decides that it was too small and to try a size up to see if it fits. i was in the dressing room and it juss didn't fit right, it made me kinda sad. shoot even my sister's boobs are three times the size of mine. i told her it was probably from the bc she's taking and also from puberty haha. but yeah, seriously, i better get some bigger boobs in the future when i give birth.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

home sweet home

i like being home, but i miss being in seattle at the same time.

this weekend i've been driving around with my civic that i haven't driven in years. it makes me happy, except for the steering wheel being slightly off kilter. saturday we went to my uncle's birthday party. me, pat and carol left early to go to walgreens and walmart to buy some things. we were bout to head back to the party, but as we were driving there we saw my parents already heading back home. i was talking to my mom bout how we saw them and she said she didn't kno it was us until we both turned into stanley pl. she said that my dad told her to slow down bc he thought we were the police haha. allen was doing his cell project and my dad was trying to help out while he was intoxicated...he wasn't much help. today we went to church, then went to sam's club. i called billy to wake him up. i was gonna tell him that i was gonna go up to seattle today, but he's going to tullalip with matt so i'll juss go some other time. allen juss informed me that pokemon platinum juss got out and that he wants to buy it so we're gonna go head to the mall so we can buy it. after that i get to do laundry..woo..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


me and billy got a fish tank earlier this week. we put silk plants and gravel in already, but billy's gonna add more things in the tank. we got 3 glofish (viper, coral and rufus) and we're gonna get 3 more. we're also gonna get some black skirt tetras and a couple bottom dwellers. i love love love the fishies and can't wait til the tank is complete. yee!

we got three black skirt tetras. their names are yacko, wacko and dot.

watching the fishies is entertaining. rufus likes to seperate from the others. coral and viper like to chase each other. they didn't like to go through the middle of the plants before, but they do it a lot now. they rarely seperate from each other but they do it once in awhile. i like watching them..tis entertaining :D

Saturday, March 7, 2009

crazy fun

crazy fun weekend i've been having. yesterday woke up way late again, but then i got to go home with billy for a couple hours to spend time with the fambam. we played mario kart double dash, super mario brawl and allen's pokemon game. i'm so happy that my parents fixed up my car so that i can drive it around now when i go home. sadly, our van is in super bad shape so i don't think they're gonna even try to fix it. after we headed back to seattle we went to Lynwood with Matt, Kassey and Rachtha to go eat at Applebee's and then go bowling. i thought i was gonna do super bad since i hadn't played since last year, but i wasn't that bad. we didn't get to finish our fourth round, but i think i prolly would've finished second to last total points haha. i was happy that i could finish each round with at least a 60 for now.

today i went to bremerton with billy to return his car. it was slushing when we left the house. got to meet his uncle who just got here from the PI. his mom gave us some foods and billy got a haircut. when it was time to leave we had to run in order to make it to the ferry in time. getting off the ferry it was super cold and i missed billy's car bc i didn't want to walk or take the bus to get back to his place. but it's ok bc we didn't have to wait too long for the bus. the weather is super crazy today. sunny, sprinkling, sunny, slushing, snowing. man, wonder what tomorrow's got in store for me.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


starting out the day late bc me and billy missed our 8:30 classes today. didn't realize the time til it was too late. i'm usually better at getting up than this, next time i'll have to make sure to not go back to sleep after turning off my alarm.

right now i'm watching true life i'm a college freshman. it reminds me of when i was a freshman. these kids' circumstances are so different. one has a child that he had to left home with his mom, and he misses him so much. one has financial problems and no social skills so she's kind of having a hard time adjusting and getting to know her roommates. also, her bf is worried that she's not gonna be spending as much time with him once she starts making friends. and the other guy seems like one of those really outgoing guys who think they know everything. he's super cocky. i was probably most like the girl, except without the bf haha. she'll get over it tho bc she juss needs to open up.

today i'm gonna be goin to the outlet mall with billy to get some orange shoe laces for the rest of his team.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

into the sunset

fasa formal '09. super fun and super tiring at the same time. had dinner at billy's and it was delicious. we got ready and then headed to mg's place to say hi. mg's was kind of hectic. soo many people in such a small apartment. people had been drinkin so it was a little loud. there were people all over the place trying to take pics, and the guys were trying to get one with billy the whole time. me and billy left their place a little earlier than them and headed to the Seattle Design Center. the venue was huge and very pretty. the food bar was yummy, although i didn't get to eat one of the chocolate covered strawberries. there were lots of people who knew billy, like everywhere we went someone would come up to him or there would be someone he knew that he had to say hi to. i got to see some of my friends too, and some people from back home. halfway throught the night my feet started hurting bad so i juss took off my shoes and carried them around for the rest of the night. some drama went down that night with some of my friends, but i didn't get myself involved with it bc i didn't want things to get any worse. my feet got trampled over a bunch towards the end of the night and they started hurting so we left. billy took me up to the to of queen anne and it was really pretty. i love seeing seattle from up there, but the only times i've gone was last night and sometime during the winter last year. i'd like to see the view of it sometime during the spring or winter tho, when it's not so cold. afterwards we got back to his place and saw that rachtha and matt were playin sf4..rude! billy hadn't even played it yet -__-" but that's ok bc he deleted wat they did and played it after them. i juss slept and slept and slept.

today i'm just going to watch movies and probably going to clean billy's room.