Sunday, November 29, 2009

thanksgiving day weekend

i had been so excited for thanksgiving for likes weeks, and when it finally came...i was not disappointed. got home, the christmas tree was already up :( but it's ok bc it looked really good. woke up a little late, mama already put the turkey in, and it took 6 hrs to cook. none of us really ate the whole day until dinner, and i think that we were all getting cracky due to the lack of food in our systems haha. but it's ok bc we had sooo much food, that we all couldn't even go for seconds bc we overfilled our plates on the first go. we started watching the proposal after mostly everyone was done in the kitchen, and i thought i wasn't gonna eat any dessert, but after awhile, i started craving for something sweet so i went for some dessert...yum chocolate cheesecake.

black friday, didn't go shopping until like 11 bc i didn't wanna wake up early hehe. bought A LOT of gifts for christmas. hopefully everyone likes their gifts :D afterwards, i went back home, and then had cravings for turkey but realized that i didn't even pack any leftovers for sad :( got to go to the club with my girls and had a blast, but was even happier when billy made it once he got off work. we didn't stay long soon after thought bc billy was irritated with one of our friends so we left and went to meet up with his friends. got to go to meemos to get some mexican food before going to meet up with his friends, and when we finally got there, most of them were already ready to pass out haha. so after we ate, we hung out then headed for billy's place. didn't have a completely good night's sleep but i did have a good night ;)

next day, mostly lazed around. watched apple cup...woo go huskies! 30-0 yahh!! too bad i didn't get to go see it for reals tho..oh wells, there's always next year. when billy got back from work, he wanted to go meet up with his friends again but then i realized i couldn't find my wristlet that had my id, keys and debit card. we retraced our steps and everything but couldn't find it anywhere :'( it's ok tho bc i put a block on my card, and i'm gonna go get a new id, and i needa pay for some new keys sigh..i loved that wristlet too (it was my bday gift to myself a couple years ago)...oh wells.

today, i got to watch the seahawks win..for the most part lol. i slept most of the day again. now i'm watching the hills and gonna go eat some queso ice cream..yuuuummm!!! okies...well, this is it for now...hopefully it doesn't take a month for a new post..sayonara!

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