Thursday, July 30, 2009

all by my lonesome

stayed at billy's place today after class and lunch with the girls and billy because i said i'd rather be at his place than at my place for the whole day. dropped him off to work and took a nap and got some reading done before playing 1 vs 100. i was gonna see if his roommate wanted to play too, but he sounded like he was on the phone so i decided to juss play alone. after that, read a little more while watching some CSI. then i went upstairs to check fb and emails waiting for billy to call so i can pick him up after work. at first i was happy bc i wouldn't have to be alone anymore, but then he remembered that there was something going on for his friend who's gonna be leaving the state soon. of course, they were all going to a bar so i can't go with them. i didn't want to be selfish and tell billy to stay with me since i know that his friend's only gonna be here for a little longer until he'll be stationed on the east coast for a long time, so i told him to go. now that they're gone, i'm sad and lonely.

Monday, July 6, 2009

first midterm

had my first midterm of the summer today. studied a little last night and a little this morning before heading to class. for some reason i woke up super early this morning and had a hard time falling back asleep. i think, bc of that, my head was hurting a little right before the test. i tried not to think about it during the test, but i'm sure that it affected how i answered some of the questions. i left the room very unsure of how well i did.