Thursday, December 3, 2009

best person ever

would have to be billy broome! he got me seasons 1-4 of the office as a gift for our 1yr anniversary/christmas present. we're really bad at keeping gifts til the actual time we're supposed to give it to each other so we gave each other one gift for now hehe. i was so excited :D he's sooo awesome. i looovveee the office!!! yeeeeeee!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

thanksgiving day weekend

i had been so excited for thanksgiving for likes weeks, and when it finally came...i was not disappointed. got home, the christmas tree was already up :( but it's ok bc it looked really good. woke up a little late, mama already put the turkey in, and it took 6 hrs to cook. none of us really ate the whole day until dinner, and i think that we were all getting cracky due to the lack of food in our systems haha. but it's ok bc we had sooo much food, that we all couldn't even go for seconds bc we overfilled our plates on the first go. we started watching the proposal after mostly everyone was done in the kitchen, and i thought i wasn't gonna eat any dessert, but after awhile, i started craving for something sweet so i went for some dessert...yum chocolate cheesecake.

black friday, didn't go shopping until like 11 bc i didn't wanna wake up early hehe. bought A LOT of gifts for christmas. hopefully everyone likes their gifts :D afterwards, i went back home, and then had cravings for turkey but realized that i didn't even pack any leftovers for sad :( got to go to the club with my girls and had a blast, but was even happier when billy made it once he got off work. we didn't stay long soon after thought bc billy was irritated with one of our friends so we left and went to meet up with his friends. got to go to meemos to get some mexican food before going to meet up with his friends, and when we finally got there, most of them were already ready to pass out haha. so after we ate, we hung out then headed for billy's place. didn't have a completely good night's sleep but i did have a good night ;)

next day, mostly lazed around. watched apple cup...woo go huskies! 30-0 yahh!! too bad i didn't get to go see it for reals tho..oh wells, there's always next year. when billy got back from work, he wanted to go meet up with his friends again but then i realized i couldn't find my wristlet that had my id, keys and debit card. we retraced our steps and everything but couldn't find it anywhere :'( it's ok tho bc i put a block on my card, and i'm gonna go get a new id, and i needa pay for some new keys sigh..i loved that wristlet too (it was my bday gift to myself a couple years ago)...oh wells.

today, i got to watch the seahawks win..for the most part lol. i slept most of the day again. now i'm watching the hills and gonna go eat some queso ice cream..yuuuummm!!! okies...well, this is it for now...hopefully it doesn't take a month for a new post..sayonara!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

julie and julia

just finished watching this movie, after months of waiting around for it to show up online. i absolutely adored it. it made me really want to learn how to cook and to cook in general. if i had the funds, i would probably want to do just that. i think that i'm going to make more of an effort to try and cook real meals from now on...try is the key word here hehe. maybe if i can learn how to cook vegetables in a way that i could actually enjoy it, then i'd have a healthier diet over all. well here's to cooking and all those who love it :D

Thursday, October 1, 2009

i don't know..

i feel like i been writing a whole bunch of sad things on here, but i don't know what else to write. it's my way of getting it out, i guess. it's not that i'm overly depressed about anything. i just haven't felt excitement lately. probably bc i always have something stuck in my head that i expect to happen, but something always trips it up and i just end up feeling disappointed. i just haven't been good with adapting to changes of plans lately; i usually can handle little changes, but even that has been problematic for me. i think once one thing goes wrong, then every little thing after just starts making it worse and worse. also i feel like i don't get as much attention from billy as i want. now that school's started, i kno we wont be seeing each other as much, and i'm scared that we'll start drifting apart. i kno this is irrational of me to say, but i can't help how it, especially with everything going on in my life. it doesn't help that when i'm at his place he's always distracted with something else, whether it be sports, his roommate, games, him always texting people. i kno that it's too much to ask for ALL his attention everytime i'm there, but it'd be nice if he did pay me more attention.

ugh...i hate being like this.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

ill at ease

these past couple of days i haven't been feeling very well. well, i know that i wasn't feeling well the other day bc i was hungover from my birthday run, but today i just dont feel the same as normal. i think that maybe i'm kinda dehydrated, and maybe that's why i been feeling crappy. i've been drinking lots of water today, but i feel like it's juss going through me, and i still feel kinda crappy. i don't know what to do. maybe i'll be better tomorrow if i juss keep drinking lots of fluids. i juss hope that i'm not like this anymore by the time school starts bc that would just be horrible. i can't stand feeling like this all the time.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

finally 21!

so i'm finally 21 and i got to spend my birthday with baberz at the pearl jam concert :D it was super good, def not what i was expecting..not that i had much to go off since i never listened to their music like i said i was going to hehe. but yah, i thought it was super good, and now i can cross off, going to a huge concert, in my bucket list. i did not drink at all on my actual birthday which i thought was kind of odd at first bc i used to be a huge partier and i thought that i would've gotten super wasted on my birthday, but i didn't, and it didn't seem like that big of a deal that i didn't which makes me feel good about myself :)

i'm gonna be having a 21 run though, i'm kinda scared. i haven't been drinking heavily at all for months so i know it's not gonna take much to get me plastered. hopefully i don't get too messed up too fast, bc i do want everyone to have a good time as well.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9 months

it's been 9 months since we've been official. time sure has gone by quick. we've had some ups and downs, but we've worked through most all of them. lately i've been a bit insecure about where i stand with him, and maybe i still am a little, even though i know i shouldn't be. i just feel like he forgets i'm around him sometimes and then i feel left out. it's partly my fault tho bc i don't say anything until last minute, but still, i don't know. i get over it bc he always makes it up to me, and i'm happy for that, but sometimes i wish he didn't do things like that so that he didn't have to make it up to me, but no relationship is that perfect, so i'm not gonna complain. i'm glad that our relationship is as good as it is bc i know some people who have it harder. and that is why, i'm glad we could spend so much time together, and that we had a great day yesterday celebrating our 9 months. i know we'll have more wonderful days ahead of us, and i can't wait for it all. as for the not so great days, those'll juss be overshadowed by the wonderful ones..i can feel it :)

happy 9 months baberz :D