Tuesday, May 12, 2009


today has not been a good day. i had hw due today for drama that i was supposed to do with a group. my group was pretty lame save for one guy. only one person in my group of four people emailed me back discussing the hw and we couldn't meet up so i ended up having to do most all of the assignment. i was so stressed about it bc i only had an hour to do it before class started. i seriously wanted to cry. but i got it done and turned it in and didn't really have to talk about it so it's all good. although i did bs one part of the hw bc i was hoping one of the other guys would have done it but they didn't. also, i was bringing my laptop over to my bed and dropped it. now, my A key is kinda weird when i press it and i have a tiny scratch on my screen. ugh, hopefully that's all that i have to do worry about for today.

Monday, May 11, 2009

missing you

have you ever missed someone even when you're in the same room? that's how i feel sometimes, even though we're in the same room, one of us or both are busy with other things like hw or what not. i wish we could just have a day to ourselves, no distractions, no friends to have to entertain, just us doing something together for the day, but i know that with everything going on right now, then it probably won't be happening anytime soon. i look forward to that day though, whenever it may be :)